LPTexas 84th Legislative Review (2015)

The Libertarian Party of Texas is proud to present the LPTexas 84th Legislative Review.The 84th Regular session of the Texas Legislature saw the achievement of great things thanks to the efforts of volunteers and activists from across the liberty movement. There is, of course, a great deal of work yet to be done if we are to see a free society in our lifetimes, but the advances of the 84th session are quantifiable and the tactics and strategies employed by LPTexas and its coalition partners are repeatable. This Review outlines many of the achievements, goals, and positions of the Libertarian Party of texas for the 84 legislative session. You can obtain your own copy one of 2 ways, it can be downloaded in PDF format for free or if you make a $30 or more donation using the link below we will send you a printed booklet.


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